Adults for Adoption - Updated June 2022

Occasionally, one of our retired show/breeding dogs may be available to a new, loving home.  We may have two adult females available later this year.

We are very particular about the homes that our retirees go to -- after all, they have been a part of our family for many years and we want to be sure that their new families are dedicated to their well-being and happiness.  All applications are carefully considered, and we do not make any instant decisions, so some time may elapse before we decide on the best home for our precious retired Whippets.


If you are interested in being considered for one of our Adult Adoptions, please click on the link below to send us a detailed message.



A Unique Opportunity?

Jetstream Whippets may have a unique opportunity for someone who is interested in a co-ownership arrangement on a very handsome young male Whippet.  I would like to retain show (and potentially breeding) rights, so the adopting party must be flexible and co-operative, in occassionally allowing time back and forth between two homes (to attend shows and be available for breeding).  I will have specific requirements (must live within easy driving distance and be flexible with scheduling as required), but in return, the opportunity exists to have an extremely handsome and clever young Whippet join your family, and be a part of his success story.  This is not a "giveaway" situation; consideration will be given to those who demonstrate a vested interest in a beautiful young adult and who will be proud to be a part of his career path.  If interested in more specific details, please use the link (above) to send us a note.