Our current litter is fully reserved.

We hope to breed again in late spring or summer, but anticipate that our wait time is currently about 10-12 months. 

If you are interested in being considered for a puppy, please send us a detailed email and tell us more about yourself, and how a Whippet will be a part of your family and life.


Newborn Chase Close-Up_edited.jpg

Shown above:  Newborn "Chase" gets a kiss from his brother.

[Dustyn x Emma litter born January 31, 2022]

Note:  As we breed only two or three litters per calendar year, ensuring that our puppies receive abundant care, socialization and handling, our puppies are usually always reserved well in advance, even before they are born.  If you are interested in a well-bred puppy from a long line of health-certified, temperamentally sound and beautiful Whippets, there may be a delay of several months while the litter is bred, born and raised.

Jetstream Whippets - "Worth the Wait"