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Can Ch. Jetstream Forgetmenot Magnum

Sire:  Am. Ch. Snow Hill Mindbender

Dam:  Can/Am G.Ch. Jetstream Forgetmenot Tigerpaw

The definition of "Exuberant":  "filled with or characterized by a lively energy and excitement.  Synonyms:  ebullient, buoyant, cheerful, jaunty, lighthearted, high-spirited, exhilarated, excited, elated, exultant, euphoric, joyful, cheery, merry, jubilant, vivacious, enthusiastic, irrepressible, energetic, animated, full of life, lively, vigorous, adrenalized;" 


Any one of these words describes our Mitchell.  His motto:  "Why go around something when it is so much more fun to go over it!"


Born in November, 2013, Mitchell has matured into a handsome stallion of a dog.  He earned his Canadian Championship in June 2016 at the Erie Shores shows, well known as one of the premier Hound weekends in Canada. His American Championship was earned in 2018.

Along with his littermate sister, Brooke, he has won numerous 1st place awards in Brace competitions ("two dogs judged as an identical pair – same colour, size, gait, and same stride. When viewed from the side they should appear as one dog and its shadow...")

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