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More about Our Health Testing Protocols

and Procedures

At Jetstream, our commitment to the breed means that we are always striving to improve and breed towards "betterment", while at the same time, preserving the traits and characteristics that are unique to the Whippet.

Our standard testing includes screening for heart, eye and hearing disorders.  This testing is performed by veterinary specialists (cardiologists, ophthalmologists and neurologists).  Occasionally, we may also do myostatin deficiency testing (to detect the "bully whippet" gene), thyroid or other testing, when the opportunity presents itself through specialized health clinics designed to collect breed-specific database samples.


All of our adults are certified clear from the above-noted health disorders prior to breeding, and on an ongoing basis throughout their adulthood.  As well, our litters of puppies are also tested, prior to leaving for their new homes, for hearing issues, as unilateral or bilateral deafness, while rare, can occur in some whippets.  This health testing and certification, as well as our own ongoing research and education, is a vital part of our program. 


We meet or exceed the testing guidelines set out by the American Whippet Club and the Whippet Health Foundation, and, as we believe in transparency, honesty and openness, for the improvement of the breed, our testing results are reported to a publicly accessible and verifiable database at Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  We are members in good standing, and abide by the by-laws and codes of ethics of the Canadian Kennel Club, the National Whippet Club of Canada, the Whippet Club of Eastern Canada, and the American Whippet Club.

The photo at right is a sample of three of our dogs' "CHIC" Certificates, which certifies that all OFA recommended health-testing (based on breed) has been carried out and reported to the OFA for inclusion in their database. (For more information about OFA, please click on the link in the paragraph above.

CHIC Certificate Sample.jpg
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